Mainly Applications

Coated Abrasives


Coated abrasives are made of natural or synthetic abrasive grains which are adhered to the backing. Abrasive grain such as brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, black fused alumina, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, etc are widely used as the coated abrasive grain. These abrasive grains are adhered to a cloth, fiber, paper or polyester film backing by bond.


Bonded Abrasives


Bonded abrasives are made of natural or synthetic abrasive grains which are bond together with a vitrified, resin or other bond in the shape of wheels, then pressed and fired under high temperatures. Bonded abrasives, which can be made from different abrasive materials, appear in different size and color for polishing, grinding lapping purpose in different industry. The abrasive grains include fused aluminum oxide, silicon carbide abrasive grit etc.



Fused Alumina and Silicon Carbide are characteristic by high refractoriness, low coefficients of thermal expansion, good thermal stability, strong air permeability. Except the usage of abrasive grain, Fused Alumina and Silicon Carbide are also widely used in shaped and unshaped refractory materials.


Sandblasting Media


Abrasive blasting is the use of forcibly driving force to form a stream of abrasive materials against surface to remove surface contaminants. Due to the different surface blasting operation and purpose, the choose of blasting abrasives grit can be different. We are available to produce aluminum oxide blasting media from minor grit to micro powder.


Precision Casting


Fused aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are primarily used in casting due to high strength and good durability. Besides, ceramic sand is also generally used in precision casting.