4.5" Sanding Grinding Wheels, High Density Flap Disc, Aluminum Oxide Abrasives of Grinder Disc (Blue) Power Tools

1. Yannuo iron oxide-coated Brown Fused Alumina Abrasive Grit proved to be the good material for advance abrasives tools.
2. Yannuo iron oxide-plated Brown Fused Alumina is available in P and F Grain under high heat temperature of 1050℃ and 1350 ℃.
3. Yannuo iron oxide-cladded Brown Fused Alumina has the features of high purity, high hydrophilic, high toughness and good grinding ability, which improves abrasives tools’ lifetime.
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We hope to obtain the greatest profit with the smallest investment, and help customers increase production efficiency and improve quality of Brown Fused Alumina, bauxite alumina, Brown aluminum oxide F Grain. The company has mature production technology, advanced processing technology, complete detection means, and strong development and design ability. Therefore, we welcome all types of talents to join with us.

Iridium Coated Brown Fused Alumina Abrasive Grit

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                                                             F36                                                                 P60

Iridium Coated Brown Fused Alumina 

The plated brown fused alumina abrasive is a low-cost method and process that can effectively improve the performance of the abrasive. The plated brown corundum grains is made by uniformly mixing red iron oxide and ceramic binder, then evenly coating on the surface of the brown corundum grains by a high-pressure spraying device. The coating should be thin and uniform, otherwise, the coating tending to peeled off. This kind of BFA grit is characteristic of better durability, hydrophilia, toughness, and adhesiveness. Products made of plated corundum tend to lessen peeling off of grains,  have a rather longer lifecycle as well.  


Advanced Abrasive Grain 

Grinding, lapping and polishing abrasive materials

Coated abrasive tools (brown aluminum oxide abrasive paper, abrasive belt, abrasive cloth)

Bonded Abrasive tools (BFA vitrified grinding wheels)

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Available Grain Size:

#12, #14,#16, #20, #22, #24, #30, #36, #40, #46, #54, #60, #70, #80, #90, #100, #120, #150, #180,#220

We sincerely welcome customers to quickly feedback their ideas and information to us, so that our 4.5" Sanding Grinding Wheels, High Density Flap Disc, Aluminum Oxide Abrasives of Grinder Disc (Blue) Power Tools will keep improving and these will become the cornerstone of our common long-term development. Our company with high standard management system, advanced process, to ensure that every customer's quality requirements, delivery requirements. We not only provide customers with standardized products, but also offer them with customized solutions.
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